Raw and fuckin’ sexy!



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And another submission that has been waiting who knows how long! Impressive!

James, 26, straight, Denver CO, kik mountaintops1313

A submission from who knows when! Great picture too!

Personal pic for your blog and for any ladies out there into anal; my cock is yours ;)

This is me. :p


I’m alive, though! And will try to be better about posting.  It just gets boring when no one talks to me. :p

A wonderful anon submitter has graced us with her ass. She also has a request:

Would love people cumming on my pics

So, guys and girls, get to work and submit your results!

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Wow. Glorious.  Thank you, simplykylieshaye for the submission! :)

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A beautiful submission. Thank you again, Ms. Anon!

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What’s this? Another great submission from an Anon follower.  Thank you! :)

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Here is a beautiful submission from an anon submitter.  If that doesn’t get your heart racing, I don’t know what will. Those nipples beckon me…

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So lovely…


Jill over here!



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I’ve had a whole lot of cock submitted recently.  I’d love to see some lovely lady parts…. please!

Note: Guys! Thank you for your submissions!  I do appreciate it.  However, I won’t be posting any more submitted cock “selfies” until I get some lady submitters.

Hey, ladies! Here is a submission from eggrollsauce!